FrostWire 5.3.7

FrostWire is a free Gnutella client based on LimeWire distributed under terms of the GPL.

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    • Updated: June 15, 2012
    • License: Freeware
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
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User avatar Jaison (source:ComputerSight) on April 19, 2012 said:

Hope this answers all your questions. Just to summarise, Is frostwire safe? Yes. Is frostwire legal? Yes. Is frostwire better than limewire? Yes. Is there a frostwire for Mac? Yes.

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User avatar Freesoftpro (source:Fileforum) on March 27, 2012 said:

FrostWire is the leading P2P file sharing program. It allows you to download and share thousands of files for free! It works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. I've downloaded all my music collection from frostwire and never had any problems. I love this program!

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User avatar Adam Taylor (source:SourceForge) on June 24, 2011 said:

I've always loved FrostWire for P2P downloads, but not for torrenting. I kinda forgot about it, I'm redownloading again now. Thanks to the devs!

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User avatar Yonah ( on May 9, 2011 said:

If you're already using LimeWire then you don't have a really good reason to download this client; however, if your Internet Service Provider controls and filters content and you're not doing a really nice job downloading with LimeWire, then this could be a good alternative since most ISPs aren't yet that familiar with FrostWire.

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User avatar Ricky321 (source:Dooyoo) on March 22, 2011 said:

I highly recommend this to anyone who is stuck for money and have better things to spend there money one other than music. I am very happy to use this software as i have never had any major problems with it. A word of warning: this software is legal but what you do with it isn't.

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