Actual Title Buttons 7.0

Minimize to Tray, Roll up, Stay on Top.

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Release notes from Actual Tools

Minimize to Tray, Roll up, Stay on Top.

Actual Title Buttons offers such innovative controls as Stay on Top, Minimize to Tray, Make Transparent, Align Window and other handy functions. The program does exactly what it promises, i.e. increases the efficiency of your Operating System and organizes desktop space better for those users who usually multitask in several applications.

The new controls can be triggered via Windows-style buttons placed next to the standard Minimize/Restore/Close or by means of keystroke combinations that results in greater speed of work and its accuracy.

Such essential option as Stay on Top will help you observe the content of any window while working with another one. Transparency effect is one more tool which lets you see the back window through the front one, although you can use it for achieving aesthetically pleasing effect and making your wallpapers unusually beautiful.

If window clutter on the task bar becomes the problem, Minimize to the Tray will tackle it instantly. Enjoy well-organized space on the desktop! The Roll Up option reduces any window so that only its title bar remains visible.

Our program is an attempt to make your life easier, your work more flash-like. Additionally, you do not have to change your operating habits.

What's New:
* Configuration window has been revamped.
* Windows 7: The option has been added to control the height of rolled up Windows Explorer windows (either roll them up completely or leave the breadcrumb navigation bar visible to distinguish rolled up folders better).
* Compatibility with Windows 8 Consumer Preview is improved.
* Compatibility with Windows Snipping Tool is improved.
* Compatibility with TechSmith's Snagit is improved.
* Compatibility with GOM Media Player is improved.
* Compatibility with Gyazo is improved.
* Actual Title Buttons is now compatible with virtual video devices (like those added by MaxiVista or iDisplay).
* Classic window snapping is improved: now it does not snap to maximized windows and to the borders of windows, which are partially or completely covered by other windows.
* The "C" command line option has been modified: now it expects a fully qualified name of a folder that contains alternative configuration files to load.
* In some rare cases, window settings did not re-apply after modification.
* Sometimes tooltip showing current window position displayed incorrect values.
* Crashes in dwm.exe happened occasionally.
* In some cases, Control Center might crash upon reloading the configuration.
* When launching Actual Title Buttons after Stardock DeskScapes, Windows Explorer crashed or became unstable.
* With Actual Title Buttons running, capturing a video in TechSmith's Jing made it crash upon closing.
* Title buttons did not appear in the Windows Media Center window.
* Additional commands did not appear in the Windows Media Center window menu after switching its window back from full-screen.
* Windows that were minimized to the tray/screen via window menu command did not restore via Unhide submenu.
* Hand tool interfered with the gameplay in some games (such as Cogs).
* After unghosting a window with the "Unghost temporarily" key combination, the window could not be ghosted back.
* Maximizing a window pinned to desktop in a multi-monitor system made it span the entire desktop instead of the current monitor.
* Configuration windows stayed out of sight when they were located on a secondary monitor and the monitor got disabled.


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