uTorrent 3.2 Build RC4

uTorrent 3.2 has officially gone beta.

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    • Updated: June 19, 2012
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uTorrent 3.2 has officially gone beta.

! The major features are streaming of music and videos, as well as uTorrent Web, a new encrypted WebUI that requires no configuration.

Alternatively you can download the latest Stable version of this software.

We've added other exciting new features to this version: torrent ratings; easy sharing of files (just drag and drop!), streaming, portable mode, and a brand-new simplified view. We've also touched up and streamlined the main view of the client to make it easier to use.

* Multiple simultaneous downloads
* Configurable bandwidth scheduler
* Global and per-torrent speed limiting
* Quick-resumes interrupted transfers
* RSS Downloader
* Trackerless support (Mainline DHT)

What's New:
* We've added UDP tracker support!
* uTP has been improved significantly over the previous alpha, with many bugs fixed and performance improvements. It's no longer hidden in Advanced settings.
* The setup dialog has been overhauled to make it much easier to use and with a built-in speed test. It's still not quite complete yet, but this will give you a good taste of what we're up to with it!
* A new transfer cap feature has been added to track bandwidth usage, along with graphs to show your usage.
* Fix: update app sidebar counts correctly when apps are installed
* Feature: end to end path MTU calculation based on ICMP messages and missing packets
* Change: use friendly name for rss items in sidebar
* Fix: Fix uTorrent Web "Get File" feature
* Feature expose more granular file priority levels
* Feature: take bandwidth used by RSS and tracker into account for rate limiting
* Change: add bold text for Ask toolbar offer
* Fix: remove toolbar button was not enabled when certain torrents were selected
* Fix: set bt.transp_disposition to use new uTP header
* Feature: Added privacy options to BitTorrent settings
* `Fix: btapp html updates properly when updated


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