Right Web Monitor 3.0.461

Automatically check your favorite Internet resources and detect changes in their content.

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Release notes from Right Soft

Automatically check your favorite Internet resources and detect changes in their content.

Right Web Monitor is a handy tool that lets you automatically check your favorite Internet resources and detect changes in their content. With Right Web Monitor you can keep track of any kind of resource, including web pages, applications, images, etc. If the monitored resource changes, the program will immediately notify you. You can also choose to automatically download the modified files.

Right Web Monitor will eliminate the need to constantly check the important Internet resources.This program will automatically check them for you. You can set a checking scheduler for each link or disable automatic checking at all. Using the Right Web Monitor you will always have the most recent news, the latest versions of applications, etc. You will never forget to check up a product or some news, and will always know about any changes in the shortest time.

Monitoring Web Sites & Web Resources:
* Web site monitoring
* Monitoring applications, archives and other type of Web resources
* Tracking changes at web pages which can't be accessed directly (i.e. they can be accessed only through web forms, login forms, several page-by-page steps and so on)
* Checking any selected part of web site content for changes
* Searching for keywords within HTML pages or within web page fragments
* Monitoring web page changes in visible text or HTML document source
* Tracking files and folders on FTP servers
* Monitoring RSS Feeds
* Checking POP3 mailboxes

* By popup window.
* By sound.
* By sending e-mail notification.
* By sending SMS message
* By sending message to ICQ client
* By starting a program
* By animated icon in system tray.

* Web page changes highlight.
* Integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
* Custom period of monitoring for each link.
* Drop Basket (drag&drop links from browser or other applications).
* Individual notification system for each link.
* Individual scheduling for each link.
* Clipboard monitoring.
* Automatically run on Windows start up (optional).
* Automatic extraction of descriptions from the downloaded websites.
* Automatic download of changed files (FTP, HTTP, HTTPS)
* Socks Proxy and HTTP are supported.
* Support for most char sets.
* Hierarchical tree-like folders system.
* Unlimited simultaneous connections.
* FTP folder view.
* Mail box view.
* RSS reader.
* Customizable templates of notification email letters.
* Customizable all-in-one snapshot window.
* Customizable resource representation (using program variables).

What's New:
* Program data are now being stored in Firebird database which greatly improves data safety.
* Action profiles have been introduced.
* Scheduler profiles have been introduced.
* Send mail action now can work with SSL\TLS cryptographic protocols.
* Content checking is now being executed in dedicated threads which greatly improves application performance.
* Snapshot window has been improved.
* Summary strings appearance has been improved.
* HTMLFRAGMENTX variables have been added to represent certain fragments as HTML.
* Option to ignore fragment content changes has been added.
* Many interface improvements.
* Some bugfixes.


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