Keep in touch with friends and contacts on every major IM and social network.

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Release notes from Cerulean Studios

Keep in touch with friends and contacts on every major IM and social network.

Trillian is going free for desktop and mobile
Themes, an awesome activity history viewer, and all the rest of Trillian's great features will now be available to everyone! This is an exciting step forward and means our users will always experience the best products we have to offer. To continue to reward our amazing paying customers, Trillian Pro will carry on as a way to contribute to our development efforts directly, hide ads across all versions, and unlock the ability to store your chat history online. We hope you're as excited as we are and will continue to support Trillian and spread the word.

What's going free? All previous Trillian Pro features: the ability to sign in from multiple locations, themes, the activity history viewer, and every other minor feature previously available to Pro subscribers only! We are also hard at work on free versions of all mobile editions of Trillian, which should be making their way to an app store near you shortly.

How will the new Trillian Pro service work? Pro service can be purchased yearly. We're setting the price at $12 per year, or basically a dollar per month. As long as your account is a valid Pro account, you won't see advertising on any platform and can store your chats online. However, if you've already purchased Trillian 5, you've been grandfathered into Pro.

What happens to me as a paid Trillian 5 customer? You've been automatically grandfathered into the new Trillian Pro. You shouldn't see any advertisements and chat history storage should be unlocked in preferences.

What happens to me as a paid Trillian 4 customer? You can continue to run paid copies of Trillian without seeing advertisements.

What happens to me as a paid mobile customer? You will continue to receive free software updates and will not see any advertisements, but synchronized chat history will only be available if you upgrade your account to Pro status.

What happens when my Pro membership lapses? Advertisements will return, but you'll always have read and delete access to the chat history you've already generated. In addition, all desktop versions of Trillian store chat logs to disk locally, which will continue to populate. The conversations on any of your desktop computers will be retroactively uploaded as soon as you renew Trillian Pro.

How will advertising work? We'll be utilizing standard advertisement solutions on the mobile side, and have created beautiful ad units on the desktop side. Desktop ads are organic members of your chat window - meaning they scroll away naturally - and do not animate, do not play sounds, and can be hidden on an individual basis.

Designed for Windows 7
Trillian for Windows' clean and pleasant user interface has been carefully designed to smoothly integrate with Windows 7.

Synchronized chat history
Never miss a message again. Trillian's chat history can be automatically shared between desktops and phones!

Streamlined social news feeds
Trillian 5's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn support is fast, uniform and integrated.

Comprehensive. More feeds, like Facebook events and Twitter searches.
Flexible. Store feeds in your contact list or system tray.
Quick. Instant updates are just one click away.
Interactive. Like and comment directly within Trillian.
Detailed. Links and pictures are expanded for you.

A truly compact interface
Stuck on a netbook with a tiny screen? No problem. Switching between our full and compact user interfaces is only a click away.

Foursquare with GPS support
Our newly-supported Foursquare plugin lets you meet up with new friends and discover new places!

What's New:
* FIXED [MSN] Offline messages can be sent with wrong encoding
* FIXED [MSN] Support security exception error code and inform user
* FIXED [OSCAR] Auto-reconnect not firing in certain scenarios
* FIXED [OSCAR] Bring back online time in tooltips
* FIXED [OSCAR] Group chat windows can re-open when leaving a chat
* FIXED [OSCAR] Mail checks not working
* FIXED [OSCAR] Mass messaging not working
* FIXED [OSCAR] Workaround for QIP HTML issue in most scenarios
* FIXED [SKYPE] Add invite option to chat window right click menu
* FIXED [SKYPE] Encoding issues with ' and "
* FIXED [SKYPE] Mass messaging not working
* FIXED [SKYPE] Status score not correctly set for offline contacts
* FIXED [SKYPE] Typing indicators not using username in group chats
* FIXED [XMPP] Possible compatibility fixes for LiveJournal
* FIXED [XMPP] Workaround for Gmail's usage of ID for message sort
* FIXED [Automation] Crash with some word-matching replacement automation events
* FIXED [Crash] Crashes if there is a metacontact with no title in the xml
* FIXED [Facebook] OAuth window could be blank at times with certain IE settings
* FIXED [History] Date chooser keeps re-appearing on windows XP
* FIXED [Message Windows] Can end up transparent if you have the 'auto close after 30 minutes' option checked
* FIXED [Message Windows] Crash when beginning the message with /t and certain characters
* FIXED [Message Windows] Show the medium name in the edit tooltip
* FIXED [Message Windows] The tabs may not stretch completely to the right edge, but still show an overflow
* FIXED [Message Windows] Valid youtube links with # or ?'s do not show a proper preview
* FIXED [Preferences] Option to disable youtube/web previews
* FIXED [Preferences] Option to turn off image uploading for synchronization
* FIXED [Preferences] Remove 32 bit options on a 64 bit system
* FIXED [Preferences] Removed some invalid countries from the in app purchasing country drop down
* FIXED [Wizard] Purchasing may not properly show your expiration date for existing active customers


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